What is Night Light?


         Sheldon-Williams 20/30 leadership class is excited to announce the launch of the 2018 Night Light Initiative! This year we are planning on raising awareness and taking a deeper look at Domestic violence. Last year with our One Life campaign, the students at Sheldon came together and raised $19,215,00 for youth suicide and mental health. Teaming up with Mobile Crisis we were able to raise enough to purchase police radios, a device used for their everyday work life, protecting themselves and others. With this we were able to make a difference in and outside of our school, both protecting youth and raising awareness. All while having fun, making an impact, and building our community.


         This year we are having our 3rd annual 24 hour Awake-A-Thon on June 1st-2nd 2018! Partnering with the YWCA, an organization that gives programs for counseling, shelter for women, children and focuses on Domestic violence. With the funds we raise, we plan on using this to launch The White Ribbon campaign in Saskatchewan which will help educate men and youth on healthy relationships. Since 1910 the organization YWCA has helped provided many services for families including shelter and counselling for women and children fleeing domestic conflict. With Night Light we plan on raising awareness about the long lasting effects of family violence.



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