Night Light Initiative

Sheldon’s 20/30 leadership classes believe in giving back.  Wanting to make a difference, we have chosen an issue that affects many people in the Regina community, domestic violence.  Our “Night Light Initiative” has partnered with YWCA Regina to bring awareness about the high rates of domestic violence in Saskatchewan and the effects on families as well as much needed funds to benefit the entire community.  With many youth facing overwhelming circumstances and challenges in their life, students are looking to raise awareness, money and an increased understanding about this important topic.

The YWCA Regina The YWCA Regina has been serving women and their families since 1910. They touch people from all walks of life, preschoolers to seniors through the many services and programs that they offer including emergency shelters, housing, interventions for children exposed to violence and mentoring programs for teens. It is their mission to support and empower women, children and youth so that they can reach their full potential.

Hosting our 3rd Annual 24 hour Awake-a-thon on June 1st, we are hoping to raise $25000. 


Please donate today or pledge a participating student and help us make a difference!


Total Raised: $26,839.00



Donation Categories

$700.00 or more = Platinum

$500.00 - $699.99 = Gold

$300.00 - 499.99 = Silver

$100.00 - $299.99 = Bronze

under $100.00 = Friend



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